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Google Search Engine La-jawab, Jock SMS

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Pakistani larky ny Google Search Engine
ko la-jawab kar dia, he types in search bar….

“mein ne jo aaj larki bass stop par dekhi us ka pata”
Google Shoooooocked!


Google Corporate affairs and culture!

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Interesting Information about Google,

Corporate affairs and culture
3.1 Employees
3.2 Googleplex
3.3 Easter eggs and April Fools’ Day jokes
3.4 Philanthropy
3.5 Tax avoidance
3.6 Environment

Google Products and services!

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Interesting Information about

Google Products and services

2.1 Advertising
2.2 Search engine
2.3 Productivity tools
2.4 Enterprise products
2.5 Other products
2.5.1 Moto X


Google History!

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Interesting Information about Google History
1.1 Financing and initial public offering
1.2 Growth
1.3 2013 onward
1.4 Acquisitions and partnerships
1.5 Google data centers

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